Natural Pigments

The only complete line of high-performing natural plant-derived pigments. The natural alternative to artificial pigments on the market.

White chocolate with natural pigments
Sweets coated with natural pigments
Tablets coated with natural pigments

High-performing natural pigments

A safe alternative that satisfies the highest industry standards

• Very fine powders made up of natural dyes that are encapsulated in a water-insoluble rice protein matrix

• No aluminum salt as found in artificial pigments

• No allergens

• Produced from Food Grade ingredients

• Contains no artificial dyes which may be associated with children hyperactivity

The NATURAL PIGMENTS product line meets the needs of food processors and manufacturers of nutraceuticals

It has many applications:

• Confections, pastry fillings, snack bars and coatings for other food products

• Vitamins and food supplements in tablet form

• Potential application in the cosmetic industry

The complete line of natural plant-derived pigments 


Purple Anthocyanins - Red Cabbage
Blue Anthocyanins - Red Cabbage
Turquoise Anthocyanins - Red Cabbage
Red Beet Red
Yellow Curcuma (Turmeric)
Orange Annatto - Bixin
Green Cu-Chlorophyllin
Light Green Red Cabbage and Curcuma
Dark Brown (charcoal) Caramel Colour
Medium Brown (slight red tint) Caramel Colour
Light Brown (slight yellow tint) Caramel Colour













Ideal for film coating applications

The natural pigments applied to the product's surface yield vivid colours and excellent stability. The coloured surface can be covered with a shellac or wax to give shine.

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