Saffron Colour



any pH

yellow to orange

Acceptable pH Range 2.0 - 14.0







Forms powder
Solubility water, ethanol, propylene glycol

Saffron Extract (Safransol)

Saffron Stigmas

Saffron Extract (Safransol)

The product is a yellow orange powder, 100% natural, with a characteristic smell and flavour, made from a freeze dried extract of saffron. Saffron is the dried stigma of the Crocus Sativus Linnaeus, a perennial plant of the iridaceous family with tubular purple flowers and in the centre of the flower is a pale yellow stem which becomes the three orange red stigmas that once dried is the spice known as saffron. 160,000 – 220,000 of these fresh flowers are needed to make one kilo of dried saffron. The word saffron or azafrán in Spanish comes from the Arabic word “zafarán” which means yellow and from “saharfarm” meaning sane thread. Saffron gives an attractive colour to food and adds an exquisite aroma and flavour. It is an essential ingredient in French Bouillabaisse, Spanish Paella and Italian Rissotto.

The colour comes from the crocine, the aroma from the safranal and the characteristic bitter flavour from the picrocrocine.

Safransol, 100% Natural food extract, is derived from the active ingredients of traditional saffron, through the extraction and low temperature drying, with natural maltodextrin support and free of GMO and gluten. Safransol is the ideal product as a substitute for traditional saffron and artificial colours, which, some of them, have already been banned in the European Community countries. Safransol is available in 2 distinct formats: Safransol 40 - just saffron colour, and Safransol 65 - colour, flavour and aroma of saffron. Therefore you can customize the product according to your needs. As an ingredient it may be labelled “Saffron”.

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